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Tarot cards have been around since the 15th century. Since the 18th century, they’ve been used as a tool for destiny reading. Some poets of the time, describing celebrities in praise poems, compared people to tarot trumps.
Recently, meditative practices using tarot card images have become very popular. It is most commonly used by the Major Arcana. The objectives of this practice may be different: a better understanding of the tool for use in divination, spiritual development, occult practice. Meditation is a specific thought dialogue with the characters of the plot, or the representation of oneself in their place.

The Dark Synevyr offers unique decks, created according to the concept of Tarot operation.

Assortment of Tarot store

It is impossible to give an exact number of designs in the world. Assortment of Tarot store includes decks of different styles:

  •  Minimalistic;

  • White and shadow Edition; Vintage

  •  Folk theme; Modern Magic

  • The neon etc.Antique

Each card is a unique work of art. And each of them has exclusive information and plays an important role in all interpretations.

The deck includes 22 Major Arcana. But each one has a number from 0 to 21. An integral part of this section is bright drawings that reflect the essence of the card. This part is a truncated version. These are usually handled by professionals tarot readers s who specialize in such things. There are special arrangements and subtleties in that case. The cards with multilevel symbols are suitable for professionals and beginers. Classic decks are good for whips professionals and beginers.

Tarot cards store offers:

  • Genuine Tarot Decks

  • Best  prices because the store works with most manufacturers directly, which allows keeping low prices,

  • Decks on stock Ready to ship (if you see a deck available on the site, then it is definitely in the warehouse),

  • Fast delivery (the terms are specified immediately when booking).

To get acquainted with divination, you can use a deck of Regal Shadows or Pink Pain. 

Free USA and worldwide shipping

The seller provides free delivery to anywhere in the world. Delivery time depends on destination:

  • order will arrive within 7 business days in the USA;

  •  to EU from 7 to 15 days;

  • CA, AU from 45 to 55 days;

  • To other countries – within 1 month.

The purchases made before 10 a.m. are processed on the same day.

The tarot online shop offers only original decks that you can buy on sale at low prices. Set order now and get your exclusive Tarot deck.