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Victorian Freak Show Tarot

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Victorian Freak Show Tarot

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Ugliness and beauty are two sides of the same coin. Both of them attract our attention.
But we have everything that we ridicule and see in other people. They are just mirrors of our soul.
Fear of the public and of oneself gives strength to improve craftsmanship. It drives us to the goal.
And when you reach the top, the opinions of other people become unimportant to you.
Look at everything around with your eyes wide open. And you will see at the same time black and white, male and female, strength and weakness, dexterity and clumsiness, hatred and love, envy and recognition. There is nothing good or bad.
There is only you, your feelings and emotions.

Why buy this deck:
1. Really existed personality on the Major Arcana
2. Upright and Reverse Keywords on each cards
3. Basic Rider Waite tarot system
4. Limited edition only 300decks
5. Minor Arcana makes panorama
6. Detailed instruction created by professional tarologist.
7. Unique hand-drawn illustration

Format: 120 x 65 mm/4.75x2.75 inches
Tuck Box
Guidebook: English, Russian
Cardboard 250gsm
Year: 1st edition 2021.
Set included: Cards - Major and Minor Arcana, Booklet in English, Tuck Box.


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