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THE TAROT: Minimalistic Tarot Ever

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THE TAROT: Minimalistic Tarot Ever

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The most minimalistic tarots ever


by Danil Martyr

I have always tried to express in my work that which can not be expressed in words. Only my drawings can do this for me. And only your consciousness can understand this in a credible way. One of my favorite phrases "Silence will give you more than I" and that's it. I hope that you will like my creativity and you will be able to discover new unpredictable images and horizons that you did not know about before. Remember. Your time is not timeless.

All the simplest, always the most difficult. Enjoy.


Danil Martyr (Churko) was born on 02.12.2000 in Ukraine in the city of Odessa. All his life he is engaged in creativity and in every way trying to create new formats and horizons. In his childhood, creativity was built in him, which he showed since childhood. In the kindergarten, when he was forced to draw with colored paints, he always preferred a black-and-white picture. What the teachers in the kindergarten always punished him in every possible way and tried to force him to do what they said. Danila's mother admits that it was rather difficult when all the children painted a portrait of their mother, filling the portrait with all sorts of colors. Danil created exclusively black and white portraits, which even then began to display his work.

From childhood, he was brought up in an intelligent Odessa family and had to become a doctor like his grandfather. But something went wrong and the child really liked the computer. Since 2010, Danil studied in the Odessa computer accreditation and successfully finished it in the top three in 2015. In 2013, began to engage in tattooing. And soon he opened his small tattoo parlor in which he was engaged in his work. Where he had considerable popularity among odessites. Then in 2016 he begins to study at the college of computer technologies, but soon leaves from there. According to Danil himself, everything would be fine if only something was taught in college.

He went to find his way and in the near future the first edition of "THE TAROT" was born. So Danil's father is a tarologist, he was always interested in the theme of esoteric and tarot. And he set out to create his own tarot which would not have had annals and reflected its dryness. At moment the teenager is engaged in writing music and writes many stories. He says that he is already thinking over the next edition and inspires the idea that in the next edition there will certainly not be frames and boundaries. We carefully follow his work and wish the best.

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250gsm Card stock.
Format: 120 x 70 mm.
Guidebook: English.
Year: 1st edition 2017

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