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The Lonely Ice Tarot 78 Cards Deck

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This deck is dedicated to the North and its brave inhabitants. Northern peoples have created a unique culture and folklore full of mythological symbolism. Now it is almost impossible to imagine a day in the life of, for example, the Nenets  (the Nenets are an ethic group native to northern arctic Russia). Their houses – chum and closes made of reindeer skins, their food – reindeer meat, everywhere there is a raging cold because of which they are doomed to a nomadic lifestyle. By the way, the Nenets – nenech - literally means “a real human”. It seems that their life is more like survival, and suddenly fairy tales are born in it. After the labors, they gather at the hearth and tell stories. There are not only traditions of antiquity but also an entertainment in these stories. The heroes of northern fairy tales are dexterous hunters, poor people, masters of the elements, prophetic forces, sorcerers.

Animals hold their special place. It is not surprising, because the northern man shares his life with the animal, and his life depends on the warm animal presence. This world is very calm, not like ours. A world in which magic and everyday life, beast and man are closely linked. It`s amazing to imagine their defenseless human-animal community in the middle of the icy desert, where they complete with each other but also need  each other and agree with their position.

From a fairy tale: “When the Khingan Mountains were still small, when you could shoot a bow and hear an arrow fall on the other side of Khingan, then a Bear and a Chipmunk were friends…”

Swiss Quality 300gsm Card stock.
Format: 120 x 65 mm.
Guidebook: English, Russian.
Year: 1st edition 2020.