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Tarot cards

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Tarot decks for sale

Online store DARK SYNEVYR in the USA specializes in the sale of Tarot cards in the country and the world. The company has a wide range of all varieties of Tarot decks for sale.

Characteristics and types of Tarot cards

Tarot cards are designed for divination and prediction of the future. They come in two types:

  1. Major Arcane. There are 22 trump cards in the deck.

  2. Minor Arcane. The deck has 56 cards of 4 suits.

The classic (full) deck consists of 22 senior and 56 minor arcane and 2 white cards. Tarot divination involves several combinations of cards, where a different number of them are used. Therefore, there are also abbreviated decks, which consist only of senior or junior arcane. There is a truncated deck of minor arcane, which has 36 cards.

What is arcane? This word in French means «sacrament». All major arcanes have their own names:

  • The Fool.

  • The Magus.

  • The Priestess.

  • The Empress.

  • The Emperor.

  • The Hierophant.

  • The Lovers.

  • The Chariot.

  • Adjustment

  • The Hermit.

  • Fortune.

  • Lust.

  • The Hanged Man.

  • Death.

  • Art.

  • The Devil.

  • The Tower.

  • The Star.

  • The Moon.

  • The sun.

  • The Aeon.

  • The Universe.

Among them, a special role belongs to the card, called «The Fool». In tarot decks, it plays the role of joker. The card usually does not have a number.

Four suits of minor arcana correspond to the suits of European playing cards:

  1. Swords (sabers, spears) – spades.

  2. Wands (maces, scepters, sticks, staffs) – clubs.

  3. Bowls (cups) – hearts.

  4. Coins (denarii, disks) – diamonds.

This is the most common system of suits of decks of Tarot cards.

Four cards of the same suit of minor arcanу are called "courtiers" and have images of the king, queen, prince and page. The remaining 10 Tarot Cards bring points from 1 to 10. A one-point card is called an ace.

There are thousands of types of varieties of cards in the world. Every year author's decks are created. Conventionally, all cards can be divided into four groups:

  1. Traditional or classical. They were created in the Middle Ages and were popular among the nobility. The number of cards was not always 78.

  2. Universal. According to statistics, these cards are used more often than others in practical magic. Among them, the Ryder-Waite deck is considered the best.

  3. Author’s. New decks are invented by tarology specialists. On the basis of new cards, the authors create their own schools.

  4. Specialized. Such cards are used for divination and predictions on individual topics.

How to choose a deck

You need to know that along with the cards you choose the school of Tarot. The most famous are the four. Two are in England. These are Waite and Crowley schools. Two more in France: the Papus School and the Marseille School. They have some differences in the design of the cards, the process of divination. In general, the activities of tarologists are based on these schools.

Buying Tarot cards is a difficult task not only for a beginner, but also for an experienced tarologist. Experts advise you to pay attention to the Ryder-Waite deck. Cards with bright and clear drawings will suit a novice tarologist. They are also useful for remembering card values. It is desirable that the names of the arcana were written on them.

Here are some more tips that can help when choosing a deck:

  • you should like it;

  • you should be comfortable with her;

  • the picture should be bright.

 Before you buy cards, ask the seller to open the packaging. Feel the cards. Make sure you buy original Tarot cards. If they evoke positive emotions, then they are yours. Trust your intuition. Do not like - do not buy. You'll still find yours.

Shipping in the U.S. and worldwide

Shipping fee for the continental U.S. is $6.95. Delivery of goods is free if the price exceeds $100. The store sends tarot cards all over the world. Standard international shipping costs $18. The goods can be received in 14-18 working days. Priority delivery will cost $45. The goods will arrive within 6-10 working days.