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Tarot of Unknown Shadows Golden Edge

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Tarot of Unknown Shadows


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"Tarot of Unknown Shadows" is made by using a technique of a collage - a truly alchemy art of our time. By assembling different parts of old photographs from 19th and early 20th century the infinite possibilities of time and space travelling are open for us. Every cut part hides its own memory, traces of previous experience, destinies, desires, carries multiple sequences of connections and progressions of the past. Thus, the total sum of all these fragments, no matter how small, large or irregular they are unfold the hidden content into the future.
By reading it we indeed rip a hole in the fabric of reality.




The Fool. Tarot of Unknow Shadows.

The Magician. Tarot of Unknow Shadows.


The Hight Priestess. Tarot of Unknow Shadows.


Format: 120 x 65 mm.
Guidebook: English, Russian.
Year: 3rd edition 2021.