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The Neon Tarot 78 Cards Deck

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Received my deck this morning! (UK)

Loving the vivid colours! 🤗

The black bleeding on the front of the cards looks pretty cool to me?? Gives it that grungy type vibe so all kewl here.:)

Fool card looks fine in my deck not noticed anything wrong with any of them, shuffles like a dream from strait outta the box :)

Having a hard time with the guide that accompanies the deck (will have to read through a few times) sure I’ll ‘get it’ eventually.:) xX thanks so much for your replies and all your hard work :) 🌺💓🌺
I received my deck earlier this week in California. I know it’s the “Neon” deck but I still can’t get over how vibrant these colors are. The deck is also a perfect material for shuffling. Loving it!
I also received the deck a week ago. I opened it only yesterday (the package was "under quaratine" in the ceiling for a few days because my partner is in the high risque group for Covid 19).

In most regards I'm very happy with the deck.

The quality of the box and the cards (cardstock) is good for an indie deck in this price range.

The cards look stunning (as expected). The colours are as bright and vibrant as shown on the campaign images. They neon colours really pop out. I especially love the design of the card backs.

The black edges are a great complement to the overall design, to the aesthetics of the deck.
The colors really drew me in! Your ace of swords is STUNNING.
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neon Tarot deck  

The secret knowledge of the ancestors and the poisonous neon light of the future struggle in this deck, creating the magical spirit of the present. Energetically, this is a bright and positive deck, with a forceful message to create and not to disrupt. With the Neon Tarot, we would like to convey the ancient dynamism of the mysterious east and the tremendous power of the all-encompassing information-oriented modern culture. The cards are connected energetically and visually, the current of knowledge and time flows between them and moves throughout.
Feel the influence of conductive neon threads that carry data towards the future. See yourself in the eternal swirl, become one with the deck through the neon threads. Feel the vibrations of the infinite, discover the facets of existence and move away from the shackling reality right to the center of everything. Instruction for this deck was created using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Tarot Reading:
A week before the deck printed, we've managed several tarot reading sessions with a prototype of The Neon Tarot deck. It was an exciting experience that allowed us to understand how to present them to you, unveiling the very essence of the deck. Reading was bright and positive, cards are easy to follow intuitively even without instructions, and they will suit any newcomer. The cards work the best in the domain of family relations, past and future, consciousness, well-being. We will be pleased if you share the same feelings and use this deck for your practice!

Swiss Quality 250gsm Card stock.
Format: 120 x 65 mm.
Guidebook: English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.
Year: 2nd edition 2021.

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The Ocean of Cups

The Sky of Swords

The Earth of Coins