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Paracelsus, born Theophrastus von Hohenheim, was a Swiss physician, alchemist, and astrologer of the German Renaissance,author of “The Great Surgery Book”, “Astronomia magna”, treatises on hermeticism, astrology, divination, theology, demonology. He was a pioneer in several aspects of the “medical revolution” , emphasizing the value of observation in combination with received wisdom. During Paracelsus’s lifetime and after his death, he was often celebrated as a wonder healer and investigator of those folk medicines that were rejected by the fathers of medicine (e.g. Galen, Avicenna). It was believed that he had success with his own remedies curing the plague, according to those that revered him. Paracelsus believed that true anatomy could only be understood once the nourishment for each part of the body was discovered. He believed that one must therefore know the influence of the stars on these particular body parts. Diseases were caused by poisons brought from the stars. However, ‘poisons’ were not necessarily something negative because only the dose determined if a substance was poisonous or not. So if a star or poison caused a disease, then it must be countered by another star or poison, and because everything in the universe was interrelated, beneficial medical substances could be found in herbs, minerals, and various chemical combinations thereof. “Paracelsus’ dreams Tarot” is presented in the form of physician’s diary. A powerful magical tool enriched with simbolic alchemical language that contains universal knowledge of the past and future,be it biological evolution or innate psychological processes of the human mind. The flesh and its link with the domain of sacred , interrelations between earthly organisms and stars, anatomy indistinguishable from magic- themes revealed on the edge where scientific and occult are intertwining. Truly,an invitation to apprehend the mysterious immensity of the laws of nature. -“As for the Human Skull. It has 22 bones, it sits at the top of the spinal column. The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, the 22nd letter, Tav, means Light. At the top of Jacob’s Ladder stood Yahweh, the Light of the world. The light of the body is the eye , says Jesus. 22 is the Number of Light.” (Manly P. Hall)

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