About company

“I would like to share with you some thoughts regarding our dreams , values and shed light on the direction we are evolving. It is evident that world production in the field of Tarot these days is leaning towards soulless copying and printing for the mass market, cards are losing not only their uniqueness but an essential internal mystery as well. So our main intent was to preserve and spread further this fragile magic spirit that about to dissolve.
Here are the 3 basic aspects we rely on :
1. We want our decks to be appropriate for the tarot reading in itself ,not to be just a useless mixture of images randomly intertwining with symbols lacking of any meaning.
2. Behind any deck should be a strong concept with an elaborate symbolism.
3. We want to move towards historical technologies of the past in order to avoid modern copying and printing industry trends with its spiritual emptiness . Thus, we are willing to maximize the usage of natural materials and ingredients, handcrafts, so one can perceive the very soul of our creations rather than cold-blooded calculation of a merchant.”
Dark Synevyr 6th May 2019